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For The Next 37 People Only… Get a $997 Discount PLUS two Extra Special Bonuses When You Book Your Wedding Cars

“Who Else Wants To
Get a $997 FREE Bonus When
Booking Your Wedding Cars?”

Dear almost married couple,
Michael Damcevski here from Wild Weddings…

I’m about to make you an offer (with the booking of your wedding cars) that you won’t be able to refuse… well perhaps you could but I doubt very much that you will once you realise what it is.

Because weddings can be quite an expensive process, I’ve decided to give you something special back when you book your wedding cars. How does $997 sound? When you book your wedding cars with me I am going to give you $997. Let me explain exactly what I mean and what you are going to get when you hire your wedding cars with me at Wild Weddings…

For the next 37 people only and at a value of $997 you will get a choice of:

  1. The Honeymoon Delivery - A complimentary stretch limousine ride to the airport (or where ever you are going within 25kms of Sydney CBD) the very next day for departure of your honeymoon…or,
  2. A Honeymoon Pickup – A complimentary pick-up (upon your arrival back to Sydney) by stretch limousine to take you home when you arrive back from your honeymoon…or,
  3. Extra Wedding Car - I will provide an extra car to pick up both your parents from their home and return them home on your wedding day, free of charge.

When you book your wedding cars for your special wedding day you will also receive a complimentary car valued up to $997 absolutely FREE, no questions asked, no catches and no teeny tiny print to read.

To Get Your Free Bonus Valued at $997 Be
One Of The Next 37 People To Book Your
Wedding Cars With Wild Weddings

Phone Michael Today on:
0412 243 234

When you book your wedding cars for your special wedding day remember to ask me if I still have one of the complimentary $997 specials left… But hurry because once this offer is gone, it is gone forever.

I simply can’t afford to give this away for to long so when you decide to hire your wedding cars remember that you could also get this one time offer and save yourself almost one thousand dollars.

As with most weddings, people tend to hire three wedding cars... So how would you like the third wedding car FREE? When you hire two wedding cars you get the third one FREE. But you must be quick because as you can see this offer won’t last long because it begins Today.

So to minimise the expense of your wedding day by almost one thousand dollars simply choose to hire your wedding cars here at Wild Weddings. If you would truly like to save $997 on the hire of your wedding cars then give me a call today.

When you call me for a friendly chat and we can come to a beneficial agreement…I am negotiable depending how many wedding cars you want. But you must call me before the 37 spots are gone. Once this special offer is gone I won’t be bringing it back ever again.

Phone Michael Today on:
0412 243 234

Just imagine… A professional Chauffeur driver at your beck and call to drive you as you please, totally FREE, just because you were quick enough to take advantage of this special offer and invest in wild weddings for your wedding cars before the 37 spots were taken.

If you think that sounds good then keep reading because things are about to get A WHOLE LOT BETTER for you…

How About I Throw In
an Extra $1,000 for You

If you’re still not convinced that hiring your wedding cars here with Wild Weddings is going to give you the best value for money then what I’m about to offer you now, will change your mind completely.

What you’re about to receive is an offer that I have NEVER given to anyone in almost thirty years of working in the wedding industry and I probably never will offer this again… As I’ve been a professional wedding photographer since 1979, I’ve decided to give you a very special photography package on top of your wedding cars… I’ve decided to give the next 37 people who book their wedding cars with me an extra $1,000 off their wedding photos. You will get this special offer just for booking your wedding cars with Wild Weddings only if you are one of the next 37 people to pick up the phone and call me.

That’s right; if you also invest in me to take your wedding photos for you as well as organise your wedding cars then I will cut a further $1,000 off the price. You will then save a total of $1,997 of your wedding and I will deliver to you the very best combination you could possibly imagine. Book your wedding cars and photography together as a package deal and save yourself almost two thousand big ones.

But Wait – There’s Something Else…
How About I Include Another $497 Bonus
Strictly for the next 37 ONLY!

When you book your wedding cars; (before the 37 spots are gone forever) you’re not only going to get a further $1000 off your photography… you’re also going to get a special photo album up grade valued at $497… That’s a limited edition premium album at the price of the standard album… An extra value of $497 absolutely FREE.

Now that is:

  • $997 free with your wedding cars;
  • a whopping $1,000 off your wedding photography;
  • and a further $497 bonus upgrade on you wedding photo album
Totalling a huge $2,494 off your wedding day.

Please understand that once this offer is over that’s it… I won’t be giving this special offer to anyone else once the 37 spots are gone.

So with all this included for free, who are you going to book your wedding cars with? Who are you going to book in advanced with and make sure you secure your special savings with?

Phone Michael Today on:
0412 243 234

The 37 spots may not be gone today, they may not be gone tomorrow but there is one thing for sure… They will be gone soon. So book now and be one of the 37 people to save almost $2,500 on your wedding day while you still can.

Remember you’re going to save $1,000 on your wedding photography, save a further $497 on the photo album and another $997 off the hire of your wedding cars.

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