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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Your Personal Information

Wild Weddings is committed to complying with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (the Act) of1998.

The obligation has been made by Wild Weddings to protect the privacy of its customers, business contacts and employees.

This privacy policy sets out how Wild Weddings collects uses and discloses any of your personal information… including your right of access. The privacy policy applies equally to conventional and electronic information/data.

Collection Accuracy, Retention and Security

Wild Weddings Sometimes

  1. Will collect and preserve personal identifiable information if it is necessary for one of our functions, activities or wedding venues… and will do this in a lawful, fair and reasonable way;
  2. Take sensible steps to ensure that the personal information we collect is relevant, not extreme, correct, absolute and up-to-date;
  3. Will take rational steps so we can be sure of the fortification of personal information from misuse, loss, and any unauthorised access, modification and disclosure of any such case;
  4. Retains your personal identifiable information… but for no longer than is necessary for valid business purposes and at times destroys permanently personal information, which is no longer used or required.
  5. Only use this information for legitimate business purposes


Wild Weddings:

  1. Will use and collected your information to provide services to which you have requested or to provide the purpose for which the information you yourself voluntary submitted. Your information may also be aggregated for customer research reasons in order to provide a better quality of service;
  2. Does not collect, use or disclose your private sensitive information, such as information concerning a persons health, apart from when specified and consented or in circumstances permitted by the Act and Australian law;
  3. Ensures the information you offer to us will only be disclosed to a third party to the extent required to provide your requested services or to the details as to which you requested and your information was submitted;
  4. Respects your wishes, if you inform us at any stage that you do not wish to have your personal information used or revealed (for any reason) for any particular purpose, (unless this is not legally or practically possible) then Wild Weddings will honour your wishes;

What information do we gather from you?

  • Information you give us such as your name, marriage date, address etc
  • Information automatically gathered from our website
  • E-mail communications and auto responder or form collection of your details voluntary given by you.
  • Any information from other sources such as letters, internet marketing, mailed orders, telephone orders, joint venture and third party recommendations etc.

Do we share the information that we gather from you?

  • Our business policy is strictly NOT to share any of your personal and private information you give us with anyone else possessing a business Interest unless you specify you would like us to do so.
  • The only time information may be shared is for security, verification or completely related events that you request us to do and for purposes which also ensure your safety as a customer.
  • All information you provide Wild Weddings may be used by Wild Weddings for any up-coming promotional offers. Please let Wild Weddings know if you do NOT want us to include you in any promotions or special discount events. Please state this to Wild Weddings when conversing with us.

Enquiries and Access

If at anytime you wish to know more about privacy practices at Wild Weddings, or you wish to review or make changes to any of your personal information held by Wild Weddings, you may contact Wild Weddings at sales@wildweddings.com.au .

Wild Weddings takes all practical efforts to quickly deal with your inquiry.


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